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Orthotic insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Do you have flat foot?

Have you ever been inside a big building, like an old church or school, and raised your eyes to the vaults and arches that support the structure? There are tons of stone or material over your head, but they are held in place with simple columns. How do they manage to keep such a building standing without it collapsing?

The secret why vaults and domes can be supported by mere columns is the same why so many arch bridges still stand after centuries, and also why two relatively small structures like your feet can take the weight of your whole body. The arch is a very simple yet powerful design that allows structures to support massive amounts of weight without collapsing, and nature is wise enough to shape your feet in that exact manner so they can do their job right.

But some people don't have arches, instead their feet are flat and all the sole touches the ground when they stand. This is called flat feet, and in most cases, you inherit it from any of your parents. Some conditions may also cause flat feet. In itself, it is no condition and not all people with flat feet need treatment. However, flat feet may cause some inconveniences, including pain in several points of your body, wearing off shoes and problems in your lower articulations.

Flat foot and plantar fasciitis

One of the most common causes of foot pain complaints is plantar fasciitis. People who have this condition describe it as a throbbing pain in the sole of one or both of their feet, which is worse in the morning or after sitting or lying for a while, and then it decreases its intensity after some walking.

The pain of plantar fasciitis is due to microscopic lesions of the plantar fascia, which is the soft tissue inside your sole. These small tearings in the fibers can hurt a lot, but they aren't a severe condition. Some treatmens are indicated, such as applying cold water, doing foot excersise or using bandages, and in most cases plantar fasciitis heals itself over time.

There is a correlation between flat foot and plantar fasciitis. Feet which are flat don't support the body weight in an optimal manner, so the tissue might become overstressed and overstretched, thus causing the painful tearing. Correcting the shape of the feet and how they support the weight can help with the natural healing of plantar fasciitis.

Orthotic insoles

Orthotic insoles are a widely used solution for many foot problems, as well as other problems that are caused by an improper foot structure. But what do orthotic insoles do? An orthotic insole is shaped according to how your feet should be shaped, so when you place them inside your shoes they support your feet and make them take the shape that they should have. 

There are many orthopedic insoles benefits, because as you know, your feet support the whole body. Your skeleton is designed as a holistc structure which works together, if one piece isn't in shape the whole thing will have issues. Your feet are especially important because they are the bases of all the structure. Flat feet may lean inwards too much, which will bend your legs and affect the balance of your whole body.

You can get orthotic insoles for plantar fascitiis and many other conditions that are caused by improper structure of your feet. In fact, these insoles are one of the most widely prescribed treatments for plantar fasciitis and a common derivated condition called heel spur. How to choose the best insoles for you is an important thing, but good news is that there aren't actually so many sorts of insoles that you can choose, so you'll rarely go wrong with a standard orthotic.

There are NHS Orthotic insoles available, and you can also get some from a private provider. Usually, off-the-shelf orthotics will do the job for a standard case of plantar fasciitis; they will correct the arch of your foot and so the damaged tissue will have extra support. However, we still suggest that you go to a podiatrist if you are experiencing foot pain. Your doctor will take a look at your foot and determine what is the best course of action that you can take to tackle the pain and help it dissappear. Orthotic insoles will often be part of the prescription. Surgery and other invasive measures will rarely be advised, instead simple measures like excersising the muscles of your feet and checking your shoes will be enough. The condition can cure itself, but it also can worsen if untreated. 

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I availed several types of treatment and consultation for my Plantar Fasciitis problem, but the problem continued to persist. Finally a friend recommended Hulls Health and Orthotics, and I started using their customized foot soles that gave me instant relief.
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Happy Clients

We have assisted several patients across the world. Read to find what they say about us.

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