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Foot pain and the problems thereof:

Foot pain and other such foot related issues are often considered to be most painful and causing a great amount of discomfort. However, foot related pains and problems are also very common. As a matter of fact, as we age we tend to develop a little pain in some part of the body, foot pain being very prevalent. While there are other pains that can also cause  a lot of inconvenience and discomfort, the point is that foot related pain usually impacts the mobility of a person. Many people who suffer from extreme case of foot pain find themselves almost bedridden till their pain subsides. So, what really is the solution? How can you seek relief from foot pain?

Understanding the use of foot orthotics

Your feet have perhaps the maximum amount of work than any other organ in your body. The feet carry the weight of the entire body every time you move from one place to another. While the feet are very important organs in the body, they are also the most neglected. This is the reason why people tend to ignore foot pain until it becomes so uncomfortable that they are unable to walk conveniently. Read More...

Shin splints : Causes and treatment with orthotics

What are shin splints?


There are many sorts of injuries that affect legs and feet. Some of them are serious and require urgent medical attention, such as fractures or tearing, and others, while painful, are less severe and can be treated without the aid of a specialist. However, if you are experiencing some sort of ache or discomfort, you should always make an appointment with your doctor to make sure that everything is alright.

Shin splints in particular are a not so uncommon case of this later type of injury. Although it’s often found in sportspeople and athletes – runners, jumpers, dancers – any person could undergo this condition at some point of their lives. Read More...

Orthotic insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Do you have flat foot?

Have you ever been inside a big building, like an old church or school, and raised your eyes to the vaults and arches that support the structure? There are tons of stone or material over your head, but they are held in place with simple columns. How do they manage to keep such a building standing without it collapsing?

The secret why vaults and domes can be supported by mere columns is the same why so many arch bridges still stand after centuries, and also why two relatively small structures like your feet can take the weight of your whole body. The arch is a very simple yet powerful design that allows structures to support massive amounts of weight without collapsing, and nature is wise enough to shape your feet in that exact manner so they can do their job right. Read More...

How to cure Plantar Fasciitis

How Important are Your Feet?

The foot is the most used part of the body during motion. We use it for the purpose of standing, walking and running. Since we use our feet so much, it is pretty easy for us to injure them. If we don’t take proper care of our feet, we become vulnerable to foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis. It is a very painful foot condition in which the area between the heel and the front part of the foot becomes inflamed. This area which is lined with connective tissue is called Plantar Fascia. This inflammation results in the pain which increases in the mornings when we take our first steps after waking up. Watch this video if the question "what is plantar fasciitis?" is still troubling you.   

Risk Factors for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis can happen to anyone. However, there are certain risk factors that can increase a person’s chances of developing this condition.  Read More...

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Happy Clients

We have assisted several patients across the world. Read to find what they say about us.

I availed several types of treatment and consultation for my Plantar Fasciitis problem, but the problem continued to persist. Finally a friend recommended Hulls Health and Orthotics, and I started using their customized foot soles that gave me instant relief.
By Jade Burns
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Happy Clients

We have assisted several patients across the world. Read to find what they say about us.

I would definitely recommend Hulls Health and Orthotics not only to patients of Plantar Fasciitis, but also to any person who wants in-sights on other orthopaedic conditions as well. Their knowledge base is simply amazing and always remains updated with the latest tips and facts.
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